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Leaving your dog when you go on holiday, just like leaving any member of the family behind, can be really hard. Will he feel abandoned? Will anyone else attune to him as I can? What happens if he gets ill? Will anyone check he’s warm enough at night?

Here are five dog boarding options in the UK where you can rest assured that not only will your dog be well looked after but also that he will be utterly indulged.

Devon: underfloor heating, hydrotherapy and kisses goodnight

The Canine Country Club near Bude is somewhere rather special for dogs. There are 15 self-contained luxury suites (choose between Clubhouse, Penthouse and Executive), each with underfloor heating across 60% of the floorspace (the remaining 40% allows space for the dogs to cool down if they need to). Bring whatever you like from home for your dog’s holiday bedroom; there’s plenty of space.

A 13-ft long indoor hydrotherapy pool helps dogs with a wide variety of ailments to recover, and indeed is great general fitness for any dog. Jenna is a fully-qualified rehabilitation hydrotherapist and specialises in unassisted swimming.

There are lots of activities for your dog to take part in, including low impact agility, football, tennis and frisbee. In the summer, the patio doors of the suites aren’t closed until 10pm, allowing dogs as much al fresco time as possible. At bedtime, night lights are switched on, bedtime biscuits are handed out, and goodnight kisses are given all around.

Cost is from £31.20 per night

dog boarding UK

Cheshire: human-sized beds, night nannies and web cams

Being parted from your dog can make it almost unbearable to go on holiday. And if your dog has certain needs, such as a bedtime routine or medication to be given at specific times, it can only add to the stress of time away that’s meant to be relaxing.

Thank goodness for No More Kennels near Warrington in Cheshire. Here your dog will have his own, individually designed luxury bedroom with a human-sized bed, pillows and bedding. Each room has a television which your dog can enjoy from his deep pile rug, in the company of the cuddly toys provided. Homemade ‘yappetisers’ include scouse pie and steak with chips. A team of dog nannies is on duty throughout the night, so if it’s 2am and your dog wants to watch Marley and Me whilst sitting on his nanny’s lap, no problem.

And you, blissfully happy on your hols, can check on your pet 24/7 via your exclusive access to No More Kennels’ HD CCTV system.

Cost is from £15 per night

dog boarding UK

Suffolk: open fires, an in-house vet and 4X4 transfers

For those partial to the pastoral – especially city-dwelling dogs who’d benefit from a break from urban angst – The House of Mutt near Thetford is country life at its finest. The Old Rectory is a luxurious home where dogs are encouraged to curl up on squashy sofas before a roaring fire. There are 12 acres to explore with fully fenced paddocks and woodland. As a treat, the dogs are taken to the nearby gentle river for a splash.

Owned and run by the Mountfords, David heads the British Equestrian Veterinary Association and is on hand to attend to any medical or behavioural issues. Wife Sarah, a Cambridge graduate, has an impressive CV prior to setting up House of Mutt, including being the first woman to serve in the British Army’s Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, and head of PR for a London-based Russian bank.

House of Mutt runs a regular pick-up and drop-off service from London although initially you might want to visit yourself, just to see the splendour. And bear in mind that grooming, veterinary husbandry and portraits are available extras.

Daily rate from £53.40

dog boarding UK

Berkshire: sausages, socialising and a paddling pool

dog boarding UKThe name is a bit of a giveaway at The Sausage Dog Hotel near St Albans. Dachshunds are a very particular breed – profoundly loyal and overwhelmingly cute, but very vocal and more or less untrainable – so specialist knowledge is, quite simply, essential.

Here, hot dogs have a large, fully-enclosed garden to play in, with lots of toys and brain-training puzzles to keep them busy, plus a paddling pool when the weather permits. Resident dachshunds, Stanley and Ollie, are wonderful hosts and willing friends.

The owners of the Sausage Dog Hotel are extremely active in many of the dachshund groups across the UK and regularly attend meet-ups. If one of these events falls when you’re on holiday, your dog will get to meet and play with a smorgasbord of fellow sausages.

Daily rate from £36

Surrey: exclusivity, holiday snaps and resident Ridgebacks

The idea of Surrey Hills Luxury Dog Boarding was born when the owners, having had a bad experience with their own hounds, became uncomfortable around the notion of kennels and dog boarding, so and began their own luxe version.

There’s no fear that your dog won’t receive plenty of attention. Dawn only ever takes one family of dog(s) at a time. Plus there’s the prospect of your dog making firm furry friends: Bo and Tinga are the resident Ridgebacks, both gentle and very friendly to guests.

Walks in the Surrey Hills are glorious for dogs, plus Dawn offers plenty of playtime, and she’ll stick to your dog’s routine, making the transition between home and holiday home easy and seamless.

Dawn gladly provides you with text updates and photos whilst you’re on holiday and, when you come to collect, you’ll be given a collection of your dog’s holiday snaps.

Cost is from £35 per night

Can’t bear to leave your beloved pooch behind? Opt instead for a staycation. Canine Cottages has almost 2,000 properties to choose from across the UK. Alternatively, get your pet a passport and head to the Med for a stay at one of CV Villas’ dog-friendly properties.

By: Mischa Mack


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