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Award-winning family travel expert, Activities Abroad, has a wealth of experience in making sure Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and the kids all enjoy their family holiday together. Amy Walkington-Gray from Activities Abroad provides some tips below on multi-generational travel.

Amy says:

With the world at your fingertips, planning the perfect summer holiday can be quite a task when you’re a busy parent. Throw into the mix another couple of relatives from different generations, all with varying interests and abilities, and all of sudden it becomes an even bigger challenge to arrange. However, with our time coming increasingly under pressure, multi-generation travel is the perfect opportunity to reconnect as a whole family unit, so it’s worth getting it right.

Make sure everyone has a say

Although it’s easier for one person to be in charge of the booking process, in the initial stages of planning it’s important that everyone has their say on their holiday. We recommend getting the whole family together to chat about what each family member wants from the holiday to create a ‘holiday wish list’. Consider the duration, the location, plus dream activities and experiences. Remember that everyone moves at their own pace and there will be different physical abilities, so discuss what all activities entail beforehand, so that there are no surprises!

Multi-generational holiday
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Discuss your budget in detail before you book. Find out exactly what your trip costs and what it covers, from the flights and meals, to the activities and transfers. An Activities Abroad holiday has no hidden costs – we tell you exactly what is included on the website, with flights, transfers, guided activities and meals all outlined. If you require more, fancy an upgrade as a special treat, or simply want to confirm exactly what you will need, the experts are on the other end of the phone to help.

Always bear in mind that you may need some extra pocket money for your holiday; the kids could discover some must-have holiday treats!

Multi-generational holiday
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Book in advance

With specialist activity holidays, availability and high levels of interest can mean that families can miss out if they leave it too late to book; even more so when Grandma and Grandad are coming too! It is recommended that you make a provisional booking as soon as possible, ensuring you’ve got the place on the itinerary that is most suited to your family.

Plan and schedule

Even though you might love the freedom of spontaneous travel, this can add more stress when you’re exploring in a large group. An itinerary will help keep people together and the holiday running smoothly. Activities Abroad will provide a day-by-day schedule. There are also flexible activity holidays for those who like to be a bit more in charge of how your family spends its time!

No matter what type of holiday you choose, make sure everyone has a copy of the schedule (digital or otherwise) so that they know departure and arrival times, what’s happening and when – and the kids can look forward to their favourite activity! We highly recommend scheduling your own time too, by agreeing on a meeting time each day the night before and including anything extra you may want to take part in.

Multi-generational holiday
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Mix time together and apart

Experiencing bucket-list moments together is a priceless bonding experience and so we recommend sticking together for the big activities of the holiday. However, everyone likes their own space and has different interests, so make sure you also allow for some time apart.

This is easily done during times like dining in a restaurant. Some family members may need child-friendly menus whereas others might prefer fine dining – and having some time apart is not always a bad thing. If you have free time to explore a location, varying interests may take you to different attractions, but this is all part of everyone making the most of their holiday. What’s more, parents may even be lucky enough to call upon Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting duties on the odd occasion. Just use this sparingly – remember, it’s the grandparents’ holiday too!

It’s also worth considering your accommodation options. Would it work best all to be in the same place, such as an apartment, or would separate hotel rooms appeal to your family more?

Multi-generational holiday
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Prepare for the trip

Without a doubt, you will need travel insurance; make sure you look into the best deals early. Your insurance should cover your chosen holiday experiences and any health issues, too.

Rather than each member of the family taking photographs to cherish those special moments, why not take and share one camera between the whole team? It’ll save everyone with a camera taking the same picture and will allow you to focus on the experiences you’re having, rather than viewing them through a lens. Make sure you swap the camera around though, so that the person charged with taking the pictures also appears in some of the photographs too!

Finally, when packing, discuss with each other what you are taking so that you don’t end up bringing multiple essentials. It is a good idea to do a checklist in line with your itinerary, making sure you have everything you need for your family holiday.

How to simplify your multi-generational trip

Planning the perfect holiday for the whole family can be a challenge – that’s where Activities Abroad comes in. Our team of family travel experts will help you explore the world with the whole family in tow, taking care of the finer details, cultivating the moments that matter and ensuring the smooth running of your holiday, from beginning to end.

With a vast range of exciting adventures on offer, Activities Abroad has a holiday for every family – from those who simply fancy dipping their toes into the world of adventure, right through to those who want a fully-immersive action-packed experience.

For more information, contact Activities Abroad to speak to an expert on 01670 789 991, or visit


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