Five tips to help you choose the right holiday in 2024

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Still undecided about your travel plans for 2024? Selecting the perfect holiday destination demands thoughtful consideration of multiple factors, to ensure that your chosen holiday harmonises with your personal preferences and interests. The world is brimming with diverse options, each with a distinct set of experiences just waiting for you to explore.

Here are five key tips to steer you towards making the ideal choice for a memorable and fulfilling trip. Whether you’re drawn to the tranquillity of a spa retreat, the thrill of adventurous exploits, or the rich tapestry of cultural travel, these tips will, we hope, help you to navigate the vast landscape of potential destinations.

Japan cherry blossom

1. Define your purpose

Identify your desired holiday experience, whether it’s centred around relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion – or all three! Customise your destination choice accordingly, opting for a spa-equipped hotel if relaxation is your focus, or selecting a historical city for rich cultural exploration.

If your resolution for the year involves staying active and embracing more adventure, consider an off-the-beaten-path location like the Faroe Islands, renowned for scenic landscapes and dramatic seascapes across its 18 islands, and perfect for hiking – and water sports – enthusiasts. The last James Bond film starring Daniel Craig – No Time to Die – memorably featured a villain’s lair amidst the dramatic Faroese scenery; there’s even a hillside on one of the islands with a tombstone erected in his memory; why not hike there for a photo opportunity? Explore the possibilities by visiting the official Visit Faroe Islands website to plan your stay and to craft a fulfilling itinerary, whatever your interests.

Faroe Islands

2. Consider your time and budget

Delve into the practicalities of your trip by meticulously considering the time – and budget – available to you. Establish a realistic financial plan that includes accommodation, transport, food, and activities. Opt for a destination that harmonises with your financial parameters – and bear in mind the local cost of living.

Recognising the value of your own time, explore the convenience of carefully (and expertly) packaged holidays through Sunvil (which comes recommended by Holiday Which?). Whether you’d prefer a destination with a lower cost of living, thus allowing you potentially to stay longer (such as Latin America), or seek a package including flights, accommodation and car hire or transfers from the destination airport to your holiday home, Sunvil’s experts can help! For those with a flexible schedule, last-minute offers can present enticing possibilities for spontaneous travel.  Sunvil has a sister company, GIC The Villa Collection, for those whose sights are set on a villa with a private pool and garden in a lovely Greek or Cypriot destination.  New ideas for travel in 2024 from Sunvil include Spain’s delightful and unspoilt Costa Brava coast and its myriad excellent restaurants, hiking and e-biking opportunities.  Or what about the delights of lesser-known Croatia, away from the tourist hotspots?  The Portuguese mid-Atlantic archipelago, the Azores, offers whale watching, pineapples grown locally, superb cheeses, fresh fish dishes and geothermally heated pools, while Scandinavia delivers the Midnight Sun and cooler climes, plus endless islands (30,000 or so!) to explore by kayak or ferry.


3. Research weather and seasonal events

Research the weather and seasonal events in your potential destinations, to ensure that the climate aligns with your preferences and suits the activities you plan for your trip. Avoid missing extraordinary opportunities such as the Nemean Games (, in Greece’s Northern Peloponnese over a weekend at the end of June 2024, due to lack of research – becoming an ancient Greek for the day, and running 90m on an original stadium floor, barefoot, is an amazing and life-enhancing experience!

If your dream is to explore Africa and to witness specific wildlife, or The Great Migration, seek advice from experts on the best locations and timing for optimal viewing. Prepare for activities like game drives by understanding the climate; for instance, many visitors are surprised by the much cooler evening and early morning temperatures, even during warmer months. For expert guidance on planning an unforgettable African safari adventure, contact the knowledgeable team at Expert Africa.  Trips to Africa need to be booked, ideally, 12/18 months in advance, such is their popularity post-Covid.


4. Evaluate accessibility and transportation

Look closely at the best transportation options for your chosen destination to streamline your journey and enhance your overall travel experience; it’s not just about flights, but also local transport, and infrastructure, to ensure convenience and accessibility to key attractions and activities, to make the most of your time and budget, and to minimise any travel-related stress.

If you’re opting for a romantic and relaxing escape within the UK, Elite Hotels offers compelling options. Stay at The Grand Hotel Eastbourne, on the south coast and very close to the famous Towner Gallery, or try Ashdown Park, East Sussex, with its glorious grounds and Pooh Bear links in the adjacent Ashdown Forest, or perhaps Tylney Hall, in Hampshire (an RHS Partner Garden, with the Gertrude Jekyll designed water garden, and the longest view in the county, lined with Giant Redwood trees), for a unique and enchanting setting for your getaway, alongside excellent foodie delights in their top-notch dining rooms, historic buildings, great spa options and more…

For those eager to explore further without the hassle of driving, Kirker Holidays offers exceptional rail journeys in destinations such as Switzerland, Spain, and Scotland, allowing you to travel through picturesque landscapes while enjoying a comfortable and leisurely travel experience.  Kirker Holidays will booth both rail travel and flights, along with a hand-picked selection of hotels in all its destinations; it also offers tips on the best art galleries and museums to explore and provides entry tickets so guests can skip any queues.  The Kirker Concierge will also book opera tickets, restaurants and more.

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5. Understand local culture and customs

Ensure you research and appreciate the local culture and customs of your chosen destination. Consider factors such as language, dress code, and social norms. Being aware of – and respecting – local practices enhances your travel experience and also helps you to blend in with the community.

For example, if you are travelling to Japan, you might consider researching the country’s interesting customs in order to be better prepared. When you book your accommodation through Hoshino Resorts, you can be sure that you’ll have the opportunity to experience many cultural traditions – a number of Hoshino properties offer their own communal hot spring baths, for example, with accommodation including traditional tatami mats and screened rooms, and relaxed yukata robes provided for guests to wear.


We all crave a break to de-stress, refocus, and create lasting memories. By bearing in mind these practical tips — defining your purpose, considering your budget/the amount of time you have available, researching seasons, evaluating how best to get there, and understanding local culture — you can tailor your getaway to your unique preferences. Don’t let overly specific requirements hinder your well-deserved escape; with thoughtful planning, there’s a perfect destination for everyone. So, embark on your journey, explore the world, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


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