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Spring is the perfect time to embark on a hiking adventure in some of the world's most glorious landscapes, and it's not too late to book. Whether you're exploring the rugged terrain of the Faroe Islands, the coastal charm of the Seven Sisters, the Mediterranean magic of Paxos, the diverse landscapes of South Africa, or the majestic fjords of Norway, each destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack your sense of adventure, and get ready to experience the beauty of spring in all its glory – here are five spring hiking destinations that promise unforgettable experiences…

  1. The Faroe Islands: for rugged terrain and dramatic landscapes

Tucked away in the North Atlantic Ocean, midway between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are a hidden gem for adventure-seeking hikers. With towering sea cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and lush green valleys, this remote 18-island archipelago offers endless opportunities for exploration.

One of the most popular hiking trails in the Faroe Islands is the trek to the picturesque village of Gasadalur. Nestled on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Gasadalur is home to one of the most iconic waterfalls in the world. The sight of Mulafossur cascading into the sea below – a fall of about 60 meters – is truly a sight to behold. The hike from Bøur to the Mulafossur viewpoint is approximately 2.8 kilometres and takes about an hour over moderately difficult terrain.

For more hiking ideas in the Faroe Islands, browse this brochure – or find more information at Visit Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands, Mulafossur Falls
  1. The Seven Sisters, in England, for coastal charm and cliffside views

Along the picturesque coastline of East Sussex lie the Seven Sisters, a series of towering chalk cliffs that overlook the English Channel. This stunning natural wonder is a paradise for hikers, offering spectacular views and charming coastal villages to explore at either end.

The trek from Seaford to Eastbourne (or vice versa) along the iconic South Downs Way is a scenic route spanning approximately 21 kilometres (13 miles). It takes hikers on a journey through some of England’s most spectacular coastal scenery.

Starting from the charming seaside town of Seaford, your journey begins with an ascent to the clifftops, welcoming you with panoramic views of the shimmering sea. The trail meanders along the undulating coastline, passing above the iconic Seven Sisters cliffs and offering countless opportunities to pause and admire the awe-inspiring vistas.

After a full day of hiking, look forward to unwinding and rejuvenating at the luxurious Grand Hotel Eastbourne, located on the seafront promenade in Eastbourne. This historic hotel exudes elegance and charm, offering opulent accommodation, impeccable service, and delicious restaurant options – not to mention an excellent cocktail bar. Enjoy a dip in the indoor or outdoor swimming pools, or pamper yourself with a spa treatment to soothe those hard-worked muscles.

Seven sisters hike
  1. Paxos, Greece, for Mediterranean trails and hidden coves

Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, the island of Paxos is a hidden gem for hikers. With its lush olive groves, secluded beaches, and charming villages, this tranquil island offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the highlights of hiking in Paxos is the opportunity to explore the island’s network of ancient footpaths, known as kalderimia. These historic trails wind their way through olive groves, vineyards, and citrus orchards, offering glimpses of traditional Greek island life along the way.

Take a look back at this first-hand account of one of our colleague’s experience on a week-long walking holiday on Paxos, while staying at the GIC The Villa Collection’s Villa Pelagos. From strolls through ancient olive groves to exhilarating hikes along rugged coastal paths, their journey was a testament to the beauty and serenity of the island.

A highlight of the trip was a memorable excursion to Antipaxos, a tiny island just a short boat ride away. The hike around Antipaxos typically takes 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on your pace and stops made along the way to admire the scenery. The primary draw of Antipaxos is its stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, so you might be tempted to spend most of your time swimming and relaxing in the secluded coves.

Paxos hiking
  1. South Africa for diverse landscapes and wildlife encounters

Whether you’re scaling peaks, wandering through ancient forests, or walking among majestic wildlife, there’s no shortage of thrilling outdoor experiences in South Africa.

One iconic hike not to be missed is the ascent of Lions Head, located near to Cape Town. This distinctive peak offers panoramic views of the city, Table Mountain, and the shimmering South Atlantic Ocean beyond. Venturing beyond Cape Town, the Garden Route boasts a wealth of hiking opportunities amidst lush forests, pristine beaches, and dramatic coastal cliffs.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. For those seeking a truly immersive wildlife experience, consider booking a safari through Expert Africa. With their expertise and local knowledge, they can tailor a safari itinerary that combines thrilling game drives with unforgettable walking safaris.

Walking safaris offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level, allowing you to explore the African bush on foot with experienced guides. From tracking big game to learning about the intricate ecosystems and tiny critters, walking safaris offer a chance to see Africa’s iconic wildlife from a whole new perspective.

It’s important to remember that walking safaris should always be undertaken with a guide. Not only do they ensure your safety in the wilderness, but they also provide valuable insights into the flora, fauna, and cultural heritage of the region.

Malawi Africa
  1. Hardangerfjord, Norway for plunging fjords and alpine treks

In the heart of Norway’s fjord country, Hardangerfjord is a paradise for hikers seeking majestic scenery and alpine adventures. To the southeast of Bergen lie stunning landscapes, glistening blue fjords, the highest mountain plateau in Europe, shimmering glaciers, and the colourful blossom of the largest fruit orchard in Norway. With its towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and crystal-clear lakes, Hardangerfjord offers a true natural wonder – a feast for the senses that awaits adventurers seeking unparalleled beauty.

To immerse yourself fully in this unspoiled terrain and vibrant history, consider booking a hiking holiday with Sunvil Holidays. Their expertise and local knowledge can help tailor an unforgettable adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of Hardangerfjord.

With Sunvil Holidays, you can explore countless outdoor activities in the region – from sea kayaking and glacial walking to rafting and more. Marked walking trails, suitable for all abilities, crisscross the landscape, offering tranquil journeys through picturesque nature. Explore iconic landmarks such as the Vøringsfossen waterfall and the Trolltunga rock formation as you traverse the well-marked trails dotted with colourful wildflowers.

Sunvil offers many other hiking holiday ideas throughout Europe. From an active Crete walking holiday to a self-guided walking holiday along Portugal’s Atlantic Coast, the options are endless.

Norway hiking


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