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Inspired by David Whitley’s great effort, we at Travel PR have decided to create our own festive brainteaser – because everyone loves a Christmas quiz.  See how well you do, and please let us know – 25 marks up for grabs.  Answers after the festive picture, below.

1. How many islands make up the Faroes?
2. Where is the biggest carpet in the world found?  
3. How do peppercorns grow?
4. Paris is famous for its arrondisements – but how many are there in total?
5. London is almost exactly due north from which West African capital – A) Accra, B) Yamassoukro or C) Monrovia?  
6. In Marrakech, a popular thing to buy in the souks are ‘babouches’.  But what are they? 
7. Which classic London landmark is famously afforded an uninterrupted view from King Henry’s Mound in Richmond Park – A) St Paul’s Cathedral, B) Big Ben or C) Canary Wharf? 
8. In which UK county could you sample Star Gazey pie, an acquired taste featuring fish heads and tails peeping out from beneath a pastry crust? 
9. Everyone’s heard of the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino – but what are the Little Five? 
10. Where is Portugal’s highest peak located? 
11. What is the French meaning of ‘Marmite’?  
12. On which island in Greece is Icarus said to have flown too close to the sun and melted his wings?
13. In Morocco, what kind of trees do goats climb? 
14. Which is the most-visited country in the world? 
15. Where is the highest dune in the world? 
16. Which town in France where 10,000 German soldiers were killed by Allied forces in 1944 was also the birthplace of William the Conqueror? 
17. Which two countries in the Middle East are planning a causeway between them which will be the longest fixed link in the world? 
18. Which village in Ireland was once the centre of the flying boat world in the 1930’s (as the main stopping off point between Europe and N.America) and is also reputed to be the home of Irish Coffee? 
19. What is the last divided city in the world? 
20. Which European principality could fit into an area the size of Hyde Park? 
21. What is the most northerly capital city in Europe? 
22. Can you name the capitals of England’s three World Cup Group C opponents – Algeria, the USA and Slovenia? (A point for all three; half a point if you get two)
23. Which country this summer changed the side of the road on which it drove, moving from the right to the left after 100 years? 
24. Which is taller – the Statue of Liberty or the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio? 
25. And in which country is the tallest statue in the world?

1. 18 – located between Scotland and Iceland, they are Danish.
2. The new Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  It took 1200 women in Iran 18 months to make, and was completed in situ.  Even experts can’t tell where the joins are.
3. On a creeper a bit like ivy, which grows up a tree.  The peppercorns dangle down like exotic earrings.
4. 20
5. A) Accra
6. Slippers (shoes is acceptable).
7. A) St Paul’s Cathedral
8. Cornwall
9. Leopard Tortoise; Rhinoceros Beetle, Ant Lion, Buffalo Weaver, Elephant Shrew.
10. On Pico, a tiny island in the Azores
11. A cooking pot (or stew pan) – there is a picture of one on the Marmite label.
12. Ikaria
13. Argan trees
14. France – though Irish visitors are expected to be scanter in 2010.
15. In Peru’s Sechura desert
16. Falaise, in Normandy
17. Bahrain & Qatar
18. Foynes in County Limerick
19. Lefkosia (formerly Nicosia) in Cyprus
20. Monaco
21. Reykjavik
22. Algiers; Washington DC; Ljubljana
23. Samoa
24. The Statue of Liberty, 46m to The Statue of Christ the Redeemer’s 38m
25. China – the 128m Spring Temple Buddha in Henan

How did you do?  Please let us know!


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