10 Authentic Cultural Experiences at HOSHINOYA Bali

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Embarking on authentic cultural experiences can transform a holiday into a profound journey of discovery. For travellers, such encounters provide a deeper understanding of a destination, fostering a genuine connection with both its heritage and its people. Engaging with local traditions enriches the travel experience, creating lasting memories and delivering a sense of fulfilment. For the local community, it ensures the preservation and celebration of their unique cultural practices, while also supporting the local economy.

HOSHINOYA Bali offers a curated selection of immersive activities, from exploring lush rice fields to mastering traditional crafts. Each experience is designed to captivate your senses and invites you into the heart of Balinese culture, creating meaningful moments that resonate long after your visit.

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1. Ubud Rice Field Walking

In the refreshing morning air, embark on a guided walk through the picturesque rice fields of Ubud with a knowledgeable local staff member. This serene experience allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquil everyday life of the Balinese people, witnessing their harmonious relationship with nature. As you walk through the verdant landscapes, you’ll encounter the charm of Bali’s rural scenery, where traditional farming practices have been preserved for generations. This enriching journey offers not only a peaceful escape, but also provides a unique glimpse into the heart of Bali’s cultural heritage.


2. Banjar Walking Tour

The Banjar, the smallest form of local government in Bali, serves as a village council and community group, overseeing cultural and religious values. This guided walking tour focuses on Banjar’s temples, revealing their strategic significance and deep-rooted traditions. Engage with the residents, gaining insights into their daily lives and spiritual practices. This immersive experience offers a unique window into the heart of Balinese community life and Hindu heritage.

Banjar Bali

3. Balinese Craft Workshop

Unleash your creativity with a Balinese Craft Workshop guided by HOSHINOYA Bali’s skilled local staff. Learn to arrange flowers and leaves into intricate offerings known as canang sari, which are central to Balinese spiritual practices. These beautiful creations are a testament to the island’s deep spirituality, reflecting the importance of prayer and ritual in daily life. This hands-on workshop not only teaches you the delicate craft of making canang sari, but also offers a profound insight into the cultural and religious traditions that define the Balinese way of life.

Craft workshop Bali

4. Batik Saya

Explore the traditional art of Batik with an art workshop set in the tranquil open-air jungle of HOSHINOYA Bali resort. This hands-on experience introduces you to Indonesia’s renowned wax-resist dyeing technique. Using a Canting and pattern stamps, you will apply intricate designs to white cloth, creating your own unique Batik piece. Recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009, Batik is part of a significant cultural legacy. Take home your personalised Batik, a beautiful memento of your immersive journey into Indonesia’s rich artistic heritage.

Wax craft Bali

5. Balinese Dance Lessons

Step into the rhythm of Bali’s cultural heartbeat with an enchanting Balinese dance experience. Begin by immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of local traditions, deepening your appreciation for Bali’s considerable cultural heritage. Under the expert guidance of seasoned instructors at HOSHINOYA Bali, explore the intricate rhythms and expressive gestures that define Balinese dance. As you don authentic costumes and adorn yourself with intricate makeup, you’ll not only embody the spirit of Balinese performers but will also forge a personal connection with the island’s artistic legacy.

Dance Bali

6. Enjoy a Morning Jamu drink

Begin your day at HOSHINOYA Bali with a soothing cup of Jamu Kunyit Asam, a traditional medicinal drink made from natural ingredients. This herbal elixir, crafted with turmeric, tamarind, and palm sugar, is known for its antioxidant properties and energy boost. Enjoy it at one of our café gazebos, surrounded by the serene jungle. As you enjoy your Jamu, let the gentle morning breeze create a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation, setting the ideal tone for your day in a nature paradise.

Morning drink Bali

7. Why not try an afternoon Tape Mojito?

Tape, also known as tapai, is a traditional fermented food found not only in Bali but also across Southeast Asia. It is typically made from fermented sticky rice or cassava, and sometimes other starchy ingredients like sweet potatoes or glutinous rice. The fermentation process gives tape its distinct sweet and sour taste and a slightly alcoholic content. Indulge in a refreshing afternoon treat at HOSHINOYA Bali with its signature Tape Mojito. Choose from two tantalising options crafted from fermented sticky rice or cassava, each offering a delightful twist on the classic mojito.

mojito Bali

8. Tenun Cagcag Tour

Immerse yourself in the tapestry of Bali’s weaving heritage with HOSHINOYA Bali’s Tenun Cagcag Tour. Step into the world of indigenous textile craftsmanship as you witness skilled artisans at work, meticulously weaving intricate patterns into Tenun Cagcag cloth. Uncover the stories behind each fabric and the rich symbolism woven into every design, inspired by the island’s flora and fauna.

weaving Bali

9. Morning or Moonlight Stretching

Start your day with a revitalising morning stretch amidst the tranquil surroundings of HOSHINOYA Bali. Under the gentle morning sunshine, engage in invigorating movements that seamlessly blend deep breathing with stretching exercises, awakening your body and mind for the day ahead. Allow the serene ambience of HOSHINOYA Bali’s resort to set the tone for a day of balance and vitality. As night falls, prepare for a restful night’s sleep with the soothing Moonlight Stretch – a series of gentle movements designed to promote relaxation under the glow of the moon.

stretch Bali

10. Spa therapies a-plenty

Immersing yourself in a spa treatment at HOSHINOYA Bali isn’t just about relaxation. Through the use of natural ingredients such as herbal medicine, rice flour, and other traditional remedies, guests can discover the ancient healing practices deeply rooted in Balinese culture. These ingredients have been passed down through generations, reflecting the island’s rich history and its close connection to nature. Additionally, the techniques employed by veteran practitioners, inspired by Balinese massage traditions originating from the courts of the Javanese King, provide a glimpse into the intricate artistry and spiritual significance of Balinese wellness rituals.


As you can see, Bali offers many incredible cultural activities to enjoy. From serene rice field walks to immersive weaving tours and rejuvenating spa therapies, HOSHINOYA Bali offers a gateway into the island’s vibrant heritage. 

To book your stay, and to embark on these enriching experiences, visit HOSHINOYA Bali’s activities page. Immerse yourself in the essence of Bali, and create lasting memories amidst its enchanting landscapes.


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