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The best public relations starts with you

Quality training is central to your public relations success. Whether it’s going back to basics with traditional PR or learning about the latest developments in social media, or full blown crisis training, we can support you in strengthening the skill set of your in-house team.

We offer eight training courses ranging from a general introduction to PR and a beginner’s guide to Social Media, through to an intensive course in crisis management and broadcast media.

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PR – An Introduction

Training - PR is the process of securing print and digital/online coverage via links with key media contacts through the generation of quality ideas and content. In short, it’s not just shouting about your brand. It’s coming up with an innovative cross-media strategy and delivering interesting, timely information to the right people.

This half-day course covers the basics of PR, why it’s vital to the success of every travel company and how it can be implemented for your specific needs.

PR Health Check

PR can be an all-consuming activity, often carried out by an in-house team (or individual) for whom it is not their only job. Amid all the other daily pressures of business life, it can be easy to lose your focus.

Not getting the PR results you’re looking for? Come and see us (or we’ll come and see you) for a PR Health Check. We’ll point out what your current PR is missing and what can be done to maximise the impact of your communications.

PR – Writing Course

Whether it’s writing for your own blog or a column in a national publication, knowing how to craft interesting articles is a key part to any successful PR campaign. We can run a half-day writing course, which delivers a comprehensive introduction to writing engaging, targeted and, above all, concise articles.

Copywriting – Print & Online

Whether working on a new brochure, revamping your website or developing an advertising campaign, high-quality copywriting is a skill you can’t afford to be without. Travel PR has a number of writers, copyrighters and journalists on its staff who can walk you through the basics and have you confidently writing your own copy within an afternoon.

PR & Digital Marketing

The world of marketing has changed significantly and digital channels, tools and methods are at the forefront of that change. In order to maximise the potential of your brand you need to understand how digital impacts upon you, your business and importantly, your customers. From search marketing to content strategy, social media to SEO, these days, if you’re not in it, you’re not in the game.

This course delivers a comprehensive introduction to digital marketing and is aimed at getting you started, using the channels and methods that best suit your company’s needs.

Crisis Management – An Introduction

Travel PR is unrivalled when it comes to crisis management in the travel industry. Having dealt with numerous UK and international crises in our time, it’s an understatement to say that we are au fait with handling a crisis. The day a crisis strikes, you don’t want to be drafting your first crisis management strategy. You’ll want to have consulted a professional and have all the tools in place to proceed calmly and in control of the situation. This one-day course, convened by crisis management expert Sue Ockwell, will teach you the basics of constructing a tailored crisis management strategy – from how to brief the media, though to dealing with both press and client enquiries.
We can also deliver a full crisis simulation training session - designed to test all parts of your organisation in a realistic scenario.

Crisis Management – Media Training

Travel PR is no stranger to broadcast media. Founder Director, Sue Ockwell, has appeared on a wide range of television and radio channels, including Sky News, BBC News and BBC Radio 4. Whether you are in a radio studio, at the scene of an event or face to face with a BBC Newsnight reporter, knowing how to conduct yourself properly and communicate messages clearly through broadcast media is something every public-facing figure needs to understand.

Crisis Simulation Training

Together with crisis specialist, Tranquilico, we can deliver a full-blown crisis simulation, designed to test all aspects of your crisis plan, from operations, to communications, customer services and IT and systems.

For more than two hours, your team will undergo an unexpected and sometimes frighteningly-real scenario, from which valuable learnings can be made and which will help your organisation's preparations should a real crisis occur.

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