Crisis Management

You need a calm head in a crisis

Travel PR is experienced at handling the media for clients caught up in a crisis situation. We will ensure that your company handles an emergency situation carefully and sensitively providing crafted, timely messages to a waiting media.

Having dealt with a number of high-profile cases over the years, we have tried-and-tested methods in place for handling difficult situations sensitively. We’ve written detailed press statements at 02:00hrs for immediate release, provided 24/7 telecoms support, and organised a major press conference at London’s Gatwick airport – attended by 12 TV crews and 120 members of the press. This was live on Sky News for an hour.

We take a good deal of the media pressure off your shoulders in a crisis, allowing you to handle important operational issues and to ensure that your business carries on functioning as normal. It is important to continue to take new sales and to service all of your customers well.

In short, we know what we’re doing.

Travel PR is retained by several specialist tour operators and by a leading insurance company, solely to handle the media should a crisis arise.  Travel specialists often consult us on how best to manage an ongoing crisis situation.  We are always available to help.

Says Sue Ockwell: “We recommend that every travel company has a crisis plan in place. Once a crisis hits, it’s important to know who is doing what – you won’t have much time to think things through calmly in a crisis scenario. Forward planning is key. We’re happy to help companies plan their communications strategy for a crisis situation, and our broad-ranging experience has proved useful to many organisations over the years.”

Sue Ockwell and her senior team are regularly involved in crisis training, from travel industry presentations to bespoke crisis handling seminars for individual companies.

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