Puppy-snatchers in Botswana

July 16, 2019 | Expert Africa


A pack of wild dogs has given Cruella De Vil a run for her money in the Okavango Delta, Botswana – by stealing puppies from a rival pack. 

Over the last few weeks, two neighbouring packs of Africa’s rarest large predator have been at odds with each other. The ‘Splash’ pack of eight wild dogs has travelled over 5km from their den to stalk, ambush and harass a smaller local pack, which had just four adults. Twice they’ve chased away the alpha female and have forced her to relocate the den to protect her pack. After much planning, they kidnapped (or perhaps dog-napped) all three puppies from the smaller pack and took them back to their own den – to join their own 11 younger offspring.

This kind of behaviour between packs is rare, but it’s not the first time that this smaller pack has fallen victim to abduction. In 2017, the same thieving dogs stole the pack’s only puppy, which was out of the den at the time and running wild.

Tico JW McNutt, PhD, Director at Botswana Predator Conservation Trust, says:

“Wild dogs are predisposed to care for young even if they are not their own, so this behaviour between neighbouring packs is fascinating but not entirely surprising; I suspect these two packs are the result of a fission* of a larger pack, probably dating back to 2017.” 

* Fission of a pack of wild dogs results in two (or more) packs in which the adults are all related, and therefore so too are their offspring.

The pup-nappers are now 13 puppies strong and showing no remorse for their crime. The stolen pups are alive and well: they are playing with the younger pups and appear happy and healthy; all being fed and cared for by the adult dogs of ‘Splash’ pack. 

The guides at Splash Camp – who spotted the changing pack dynamics – are keeping their eyes peeled to see how the relationship between packs develops over the coming weeks.  

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