SamBoat is a world leader in peer-to-peer boat rentals and yacht charters with over 100,000 users globally. SamBoat boasts 40,000 rental boats worldwide, with its main destinations being the thousands of miles of coastal Europe (summer season) and the Caribbean islands (winter season).

SamBoat offers an easy-to-use service for owners and renters alike. Owners of motorboats and sailboats can rent them out to the wider world at a set price per day and can choose to accept or reject renters based on their nautical experience or previous reviews from other owners. Renters are offered unique holidays or day-hire options, and can choose from 40,000 rental boats around the world, with or without a skipper (depending on the renter’s experience and whether or not they have a boating licence). Bookings and payments are arranged securely via the SamBoat website,, giving full peace of mind.

Boats available to rent through SamBoat include motorboats, sailboats, RIBs, catamarans, houseboats and yachts. The platform caters for everyone, from those just looking for a relaxed day at sea with friends, perhaps for a spot of fishing or island exploration, through to couples or families seeking a holiday with on-board accommodation, plus those who require a boat for private events or parties.

As well as generating extra income for the owners, who often only use their boats for a few weeks a year and otherwise leave them docked and unattended, the peer-to-peer model reduces maintenance costs for owners by ensuring that their boat is used regularly.
Lizzie Cooper

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