Why PR is more relevant than ever

May 12, 2022

Public relations

The sharing of great news stories with the right people at the right time is what public relations is all about. However, PR is still a bit of a mystery to some people, with businesses often prioritising advertising and marketing over a PR strategy. The rise of the digital world has added further confusion about how all the marketing pieces fit together. As a marketing function that supports the relationship between a company and the public, PR can influence every aspect of a business, such as brand awareness, credibility, lead generation and SEO. We will discuss these below as we look at why PR is more relevant than ever. 

PR builds your brand’s credibility

Building brand credibility is practically the definition of public relations, and in the age of fake news, this cannot be underestimated. In many studies, PR proves to be more effective than advertising at establishing, building, and protecting credibility. Why? Because it leverages trusted, third-party endorsements of your brands. In recent years, people have grown sceptical of what they read online, with more people turning to trusted sources.

An ideal public relations strategy will be working to have the company name, values and products communicated to target audiences through respected media outlets. Like word-of-mouth, reading something through a trusted source is more likely to build trust than seeing it in an advertisement.

PR strategy

PR establishes a relationship with your media targets

So, how do you get those trusted news sources to talk about your brand? Establishing relationships with your media targets is vital. You might think that the Internet and social media have made it easier to identify your media targets and contact them yourself. But these digital advances have also saturated the market so that journalists, bloggers, and influences are inundated with messages. Although social media engagement is essential, it’s not likely to establish the authentic relationship needed to cut through the noise.

Utilising PR experts to connect with your media targets cuts through some of this red tape, making it easier to secure those elusive earned media sources you need. PR experts have nurtured these relationships and know each niche well, saving you the time and energy it takes to suss them out yourself.

PR supports your SEO strategy

Speaking of the highly saturated World Wide Web, good search engine optimisation (SEO) is more important than ever. Sometimes it’s hard to see what SEO and PR have in common, but both are focused on building your brand’s recognition and credibility. As ambiguous as SEO can seem, one thing we know is that a good strategy includes backlinks from other relevant, authoritative websites. In other words, your SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking will get a boost when other trusted sources mention your brand.

Distributing regular press releases, responding to editorial requests, and developing relationships with journalists, influences and bloggers can contribute to your link building strategy. These earned media sources are an increasingly important part of SEO.

PR strategy

PR can help you navigate a through a crisis

Unfortunately, given the past couple of years we have had, we don’t think anyone needs a definition of the word crisis. 

Whether big or small, businesses never want to find themselves in a negative situation that can threaten their livelihood. Through proper preparation, it could be possible to avoid a crisis. But if the unavoidable strikes, the way a company responds can significantly impact how it bounces back. If you panic and do not know the proper way to handle a crisis, you could dig yourself deeper into trouble. Having a trusted team to help navigate the situation with quick, professional responses could make all the difference.

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By Mandy Haakenson