Who would be YOUR dream Grandad?

September 28, 2009

In anticipation of Grandparents’ Day this Sunday (4 October), that’s the question Travel PR has taken on to the streets of south west London…with some surprising (and, OK, some unsurprising results).

Interestingly, competition for the top spot was a case of sibling rivalry between the high-achieving Attenborough brothers, with Sir David Attenborough (17%) claiming the Dream Grandad title just ahead of Lord Richard (13%). Terry Wogan (10%) – soon to depart from Radio 2 – wasn’t far behind. Popular children’s author Roald Dahl (3%), Harry Potter favourite Dumbledore (2%) and the sweet-toothed mustachioed man from the Werther’s Original advert (2%) also made it on to the list…


Travel PR’s Dream Grandads’ Poll – the results in full

1st     Sir David Attenborough (17%)
2nd  Sir Richard Attenborough (13%)
3rd   Terry Wogan (10%)
4th   David Dimbleby (9%)
5th   Bruce Forsyth (8%)
6th   Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Sean Connery (4%)
7th   Sir Alan Sugar, Roald Dahl, Jonathan Ross, Sir Geoff Hurst (3%)
8th   Dumbledore, Father Christmas, grandad from the Werther’s Original advert, Sir Philip Green, Ian Wright, Richard Arnold, ‘my own grandad’ (2%)
9th   Morgan Freeman, Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, Sir David Bellamy, Stephen Fry, Johnny Cash, George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Prince Phillip and Sir Michael Parkinson (1%)

And, given that a grandparent who looks after their grandchild just one day a week saves parents in the region of £3-£5,000 per year, isn’t it time to treat them to a holiday? How about these  suggestions from Travel PR? Camilla Colley