Travel PR Haikus

June 2, 2009

In response to the world’s first “interactive mobile social-media poetry competition” (Evening Standard, 27 May), we have been inspired to come up with some travel-related haikus of our own”

Holiday season
Luggage trolleys, carousels
SPF 15

Lost in the medina..
Fez has just one rule:
Satellite dishes face south.
It helps navigate.

Hide and seek in the Faroe Islands
Look Faroe and wide
For bird watching and sea stacks
Island hop and hide.

Coastal calming
Escape the bustle
Relax your mind and muscle
West Sweden calls you

Up high in the canopy
Light streams through branches
Signalling dawn of new day
Wildlife stirs below

An African Conservation Experience
Help on holiday
While enjoying wondrous sights
Preserve our planet