Top locations to enjoy a cuppa

May 21, 2009

At TPR, we were interested that Visit London were serving tea on top of London’s most famous monuments yesterday to encourage tourism to the Capital (Evening Standard, p.18) and so we came up with our five dream locations for a cuppa:

1) Mint tea in a cafe above the Djemaa el Fna square, Marrakech, as the sun sets behind the Koutobia mosque and the snake-charmers, sorcerers, singers and gymnasts come out to entertain.

2) A flask of tea on the Isles of Scilly just as the day is dawning.

3) On the Secret Itinerary (behind the scenes tour) of the Doge’s Palace, Venice, next to Casanova’s cell.

4) Tea served in the finest china at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, accompanied by Prince Albert II and Lewis Hamilton (Monaco is his favourite F1 circuit!)

5) On the Acropolis, Athens, after the hordes have departed at the end of the day.