Storifying the Alentejo

February 9, 2012

Continuing our innovative social media work, Travel PR will be documenting its latest overseas visit via the means of Storify.

Between 9-12 February, Sue, Mika and Anthony will be exploring Portugal’s uncharted Alentejo region.  Updates on the trip, delivered through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and YouTube, will be neatly collated on a Storify story called An Alentejo Adventure – allowing any interested parties to learn more about the visit, and about the Alentejo as a whole.

Storify is an emerging online application that allows users to tell ‘stories’ by curating myriad information delivered across the internet’s social media websites.  With so many of these websites now in use, it works as a handy means of simplifying user experience, and of time-saving.  At the moment it’s little-known, but Travel PR expects it to be much more widespread fairly quickly.

NB: As with so many websites and platforms, Storify currently doesn’t run smoothly on Internet Explorer – so we’d advise using Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the best browsing experience!