Storified: our Costa Alentejana visit

February 20, 2012

In a new social-media initiative, we have collated the digital results of a recent visit by Sue, Anthony and Mika to the Costa Alentejana, in the unexplored Portuguese region of Alentejo, using Storify.

Storify is a clever new platform which allows users to spin narratives or plot timelines by curating tweets, Facebook updates and pictures, Flickr and Hipstamatic galleries, and YouTube videos into one manageable ‘story’.

Storifying our Alentejo visit also allows us to make immediate use of the images and footage assembled on the trip, quickly creating a comprehensive, content-rich reference point for interested media, and to instantly provide some return on ]investment for our new client – we signed a contract to represent the Costa Alentejana Tourist Board while we were out there, as this ‘story’ reveals: