Promoting St Margaret’s on Pinterest

March 14, 2012

There can be no doubt which social-media platform is trending right now.

(Photo of a sleepy local lane)Pinterest has, in the last two months, surged in popularity and public profile in a way I can only ever remember the social-media daddies – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – doing previously.  In December, I asked a fairly digital-savvy friend about Pinterest and he wasn’t especially familiar with it; fast-forward three months and I daresay even my Mum’s heard about the site.

We’re still fine-tuning our own Pinterest page, but I think we’ll use it to promote both ourselves and our own personality (à la Tumblr); and also our clients, but only subtly, in one particular board (rather than one-per-client), while encouraging each to start its own Pinterest page once the site’s copyright issues have been resolved.  The visual, aspirational side of it certainly chimes well with travel, though.

One thing I do want to use it for is to provide an insight into St Margaret’s, the suburb of Twickenham where Travel PR is based.

Located close to Richmond beside the River Thames, St Margaret’s is full of pretty corners and quaint buildings, and thus perfect for a lunch-break stroll.  Using Instagram to tart up the photos, I plan to slow build this burgeoing board on our Pinterest page, and so offer a little free PR to the place our office calls home.

Richard Mellor