Kate’s great, say Regaldive clients

June 30, 2009

Kate Humble tops poll of dream dive buddies – as Amy Winehouse falls short. BBC presenter and oceanic adventurer Kate Humble has been crowned the dream dive buddy of Regaldive clients.

In a survey conducted by the dive specialist, Kate just edged out diving legend and underwater experimenter Jacques Cousteau, with renowned scuba figurehead Monty Halls having to make do with the bronze medal. Below, a Humble Pie Chart demonstrates the results.

Asked why they considered Kate to be great, some Regaldive voters admitted they fancied her rotten. Others delivered a more logical rationale: they felt Kate would provide valuable diving tips, being such an experienced marine explorer.

Following the results, Kate Humble commented, “Oh my goodness. If I was Kate Winslet I’d be sobbing and thanking my mum! I’m absolutely delighted to be voted dream dive buddy by the clients of Regaldive. It is a huge honour, particularly in the face of such stiff competition. Happy diving to all of you and who knows? Maybe we will get to mess about underwater someday soon.”

Humble Pie Chart

Tried to make me go to Dahab?
Among the runners-up were a few surprise entries. Amy Winehouse was nominated by divers for her ability to make them laugh, while Gordon Brown for rather mischievous reasons. On the 40th anniversary of his Apollo space mission landing on the moon, Buzz Aldrin received an unlikely vote from a fan who noted “Like most boys, I grew up wanting to be an astronaut.. diving is as close to exploring a strange place like the Moon as I’ll ever get”.

“Could you imagine trying to listen to her underwater” was the slightly cruel logic of another scuba fanatic in nominating Janet Street Porter.

Finally, special mention must go to a Bill Bailey supporter who, not content with simply nominating the comic, dreamed up his potential underwater witticisms: “Suggested communications would be: ‘Shark!’ ‘Is it me or is it getting warmer in this wet suit?’ ‘Ah look, a pretty little Angel fish’”

Regaldive provided voters with a choice of celebrities known to like diving, but also accepted additional nominations.

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