How to PR Your Cottage Company

November 29, 2016

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PR in a changing media landscape for cottage and holiday rental markets

Travel PR has worked with several cottage rental companies, hotels and hotel groups over the years. We have gained a good deal of knowledge about how to best promote these organisations to the media.

Today, within an ever-changing media landscape – where PR is merging with digital marketing, SEO and content marketing – we would like to share some of that knowledge, and hope it makes interesting, and useful, reading.

In this whitepaper, you will find our thoughts on:

Considering context

The market, the industry, its people, your offering and the region. Also bloggers and the media channels available to you.

Telling stories

Hooks and angles, the zeitgeist, the right story for the media you’re targeting – or even the column you’re targeting – press visits,  and images.

Building relationships

With journalists, owners, local businesses and local media.

Thinking bigger

How PR fits into and informs your overall marketing strategy, digital, SEO and content strategy.

Being prepared

Crisis and reputation PR.

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