Five things travel brands should do right now

February 22, 2022

travel brands

As travel volumes are returning in many parts of the world, it’s easy for travel brands to focus on planning the next flashy campaign or the launch of a product that will outsmart the competition. But as with overcoming most challenges, success comes from looking inward and focusing on core values. Here are a few things travel brands should be doing to make the light at the end of the tunnel shine a little brighter.

travel brands

Build customer confidence

Customer confidence is more important than ever. By making your travel brand synonymous with safety and security, it’s possible to gain the trust your company deserves. Be as flexible as you can be when navigating the winding path of changes and cancellations, but most importantly, be transparent. Engage in meaningful conversation with your potential clients and your loyal customers. Also, let others tell your story and sing your praises. Influencers, journalists, and past customers might be the shining light you need right now.


Enhance the customer journey

Happy customers often become loyal customers. Advertising promotes your brand’s promise, but it’s down to the customer experience – and ultimately the quality of your product – to deliver that promise. Brands often spend a lot of time thinking about buyer personas and how to entice that target customer into the sales funnel but will sometimes forget to anticipate their needs throughout that journey. To create a positive customer journey, you need to know your customer well. This can be accomplished through analytics, surveys and conversations, but if you want to deep dive into mapping your customer’s journey, check out this article.



Improve environmental impact

According to a recent study, 83% of global travellers think sustainable travel is vital for the future. Travel brands should be operating in a way that minimises harm and negative impacts while optimising positive benefits for destinations and local communities. We already know that travel isn’t going away, but it should not be one-sided and consumer-centric. It should benefit both sides. Brands need to understand that sustainable tourism is financially viable, and it might only take small changes to reduce your impact. Read a few case studies about how some leaders in the industry are addressing climate action.


Stay relevant

We’ve all heard the saying that the only constant thing in life is change. So, is it possible to stick to your core brand values and keep up with current trends? It’s not only possible – it’s vital. If you are in denial that times have changed, see this as your wake-up call. Welcome to the new normal! Travel consumers are more anxious and selective than ever. They are prioritising private or small-groups, car rentals over buses, fewer crowds, and more time outdoors. New norms require new approaches. This doesn’t always require a full pivot, but perhaps a new look at what you already offer or how small tweaks can boost your relevance.


embrace change

Stop ignoring SEO

Let’s face it, search engine optimisation hasn’t become any easier. The vast amount of content on the web makes it very hard – and potentially expensive – to stand above your competition. Daunted by this, it’s easy to throw in the towel. But there are some simple, less technical steps you can take to improve your SEO score. By putting a little extra effort into your PR and content marketing, using the right keywords, and paying attention to link-building, you might find yourself on a winning path with the SEO battle.

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By: Mandy Haakenson