Alternative uses for the Scrubba wash bag

March 21, 2013

When it comes to travel, the first rule of packing is that less is definitely more.  The key to useful travel gear, then, must be ‘multi-functionality’.

With that in mind, we put our client, The Scrubba wash bag – AKA the world’s smallest washing machine – to the test, with enterprising reviewers trying to find alternative uses for it. Here’s what they came up with:

1. A pillow
Simply stuff some clothes inside and plump up for a good night’s sleep.

2. Dirty laundry bag
If you’re in-between stops, it’s great for separating soiled items from clean ones.

3. Duty-free bottle holder
Suggested by Jamie Carter in his review on MSN Tech for business travellers: “When dry the Scrubba is the perfect size for storing a bottle of duty-free booze on the way home…”

4. Foot bath
Suggested by a regular hiker, who didn’t want to wash his feet in a saucepan!

5. Sleeping bag holder
If you’re travelling in the rain, keep your sleeping bag bone-dry by stuffing it inside the Scrubba bag.

6. Toiletry bag
Usefully prevents your shampoos and other toiletries leaking all over your clothes.

7. Foot massager
Due to The Scrubba’s integrated flexible washboard (made from hundreds of resilient washing nodules), the Jewish Chronicle suggested: “Instead of scrubbing with your hands, use your feet and treat them to a massage after a long day’s hike.”

8. Dry bag for electricals
Perfect for keeping those essential travel gadgets damp-free.

(Laura Manning)