Welcome Nina and Josh

October 10, 2019

new staff

We are happy to welcome Josh and Nina to the Travel PR team.

Josh Cozens

Josh Cozens, PR Assistant

Having graduated with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in History from the University of Nottingham, Josh has joined Travel PR straight out of university and is ready for the challenges ahead. Josh enjoys spending time learning about the past, and focusing on the history of an area when on holiday. Josh’s favourite spot from his travels so far is the overlook from Rome’s Castel Sant’ Angelo. With family roots in Australia and New Zealand, the lands Down Under are next on his wish list.




Nina Howie

Nina Howie, Finance and Office Manager

Nina has over ten years’ experience within the construction and travel industries in finance and office management roles. She originally began training in accountancy ‘for fun’ and finds genuine enjoyment in a completed bank reconciliation! A keen traveller, her adventures having been paused temporarily following the arrival of her daughter, Nina’s spare time is now spent walking in local parks and visiting family and friends. Nina’s favourite travel experience so far is a rail journey from Los Angeles to Chicago. Taking around 50 hours and covering almost 3,000 km, it’s a fantastic way to experience multiple destinations and wonderful scenery from one spot… your train seat.