Travel PR at the Nemean Games

June 16, 2016

Nemean Games

Travel PR at The Sixth Nemean Games


Travel PR at The Nemean GamesIn June 2016 an intrepid team of top athletes, from Travel PR’s St Margaret’s head-quarters, travelled to Nemea in Greece to take part in an ancient event.

The Nemean Games was one of four events held 2000 years’ ago when hostilities ceased and participants came together to celebrate their common humanity. The four games included one at Olympia, from whence the modern Olympic Games sprang.


The Modern Nemean Games

The sixth modern Nemead, resurrected for the modern day,  celebrates those original ideals of a shared global humanity with competitors arriving from around the world.Nemean GamesIn tune with those ideals, the event is open to anyone, no matter how athletically gifted (just as well given the Travel PR’s broad range of abilities), no medals will be awarded to the triumphant and no records kept either – apart, perhaps, from this short video, which shows how our team fared.


For more information about the games’ history and future, take a look at