New Year News

January 13, 2016

New Year, new moves – Travel PR will be seeking new non-executive directors over the coming months to bring a fresh perspective to our business in its 20th year of operation.

Firstly, however, a few words of thanks.

Fiona Bartlam (financial) and Patrick Hamlin (legal) have been non-executive directors of Travel PR since its inception, in January 1997.  Fiona has recently moved to Wales and Patrick now lives in the West Country, so neither is able to continue to devote time to the company.  They are accordingly resigning as directors.  Travel PR wishes to thank them both for their considerable help and guidance over the years and wishes them well in the future.

Carol Gardner (human resources) has also been a longstanding non-executive director of Travel PR, having previously worked with Sue Ockwell at French specialist VFB Holidays in Cheltenham for many years.   She’s assisted tremendously on many varied issues.  Her husband having recently retired, she now plans to join him on as many holidays as possible in between babysitting duties with her grandchildren.  Thank you, Carol, for your support over the years; we shall miss you and will doubtless still consult with you on occasion.