AITO Update

July 14, 2017

AITO summer bbq

AITO members working closely with key travel trade and consumer media… and AITO’s Travel Writer of the Year Awards

Haven’t we had a stunning summer so far? Weeks of constant sunshine and balmy evenings, perfect for a BBQ. Typical, then, that on the evening of the annual AITO summer BBQ, it absolutely chucked it down.

That didn’t stop us though… luckily, we had the perfect space indoors at a brand-new venue, The British Library, with 110 excellent journalists joining us!

For our next media event, a small collection of AITO specialist holiday companies will get together for a supper with some similarly specialist writers on 12th September (by invitation only), one of a series of such AITO events during the year.
Next up on the media calendar for AITO is the hotly-contested AITO Travel Writer of the Year Awards.  Entries should have been published between 18th August, 2016 and 1st August, 2017, and should be submitted to  by 6 pm on Tuesday, 1st August.  See for more information on the five categories.  Winners will be announced at AITO Meets the Media on Tuesday 17th October.