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Who’s a pretty polly?

Mark Carwardine, the wildlife presenter, amused the audience at last year’s Paul Morrison Guide of the Year Awards, run by Wanderlust magazine, at the Royal Geographical Society. He courageously sat on stage with interviewer Derek Moore (AITO’s Chairman/Founder Director of Explore) while a clip of a parrot trying to mate with his head appeared on the (very big) screen above him. The parrot had taken a fancy to Mr Carwardine while he was filming a BBC “Last Chance to See” series with Stephen Fry.

The Unsung Heroes of the Travel Industry

The Paul Morrison Guide Awards (www.wanderlust.co.uk) recognise just how important the role of a tour guide can be in the overall holiday experience. The presence of such luminaries as bestselling writer Bill Bryson, wildlife broadcaster Mark Carwardine, Telegraph Travel Editor Graham Boynton, Rough Guides founder Mark Ellingham and co-founder of Wanderlust magazine Lyn Hughes amongst the award judges reinforces this view.