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New Year’s Resolutions – to get fit and to walk more

How many times over the years have I thought, come New Year’s Eve, that I really must lose weight and get fit?  One great way to do so is, of course, to walk more.  Both my husband and I are rather plumper than we would wish due to the many hours daily that we spend

Go to Sabina

“An island up a hill” – that’s how Roberto, a hotel-owner in Sabina, described the Italian region to me.  It’s a neat, pretty way of summarising why the area is so little-known, even to Italian tourists. Sabina’s in Lazio, the large province that encapsulates Rome.  It’s north of Rome, but not as far north as

Walking in the shadow of The Shard

On Sunday 13 May, Steph and I found ourselves doing a marathon. Not the annual London run, although we were in London, but an Olympic Games-themed Trekathon, which saw us zigzagging across the city on foot.   The London Stadia Trekathon is the creation of our client Discover Adventure, a specialist organiser of trekking and cycling

26-mile charity walk – the training begins!

Helena and I have started our training regime for the one-day, 26-mile London Stadia Trekathon, taking in the sites of the 2012 Olympics, that the two of us are undertaking on 13 May. We are treating it seriously – investing in incredibly comfortable (but not at all stylish) footwear and a pedometer, and setting off

Learning about red kites on a girlie weekend

Five best girlfriends, an introduction to red kites and a boutique hotel in the bucolic Chilterns. What more could you want for a good old weekend away?! We arrived in our gladrags to a puzzled reception.  ”Are you the walking group?” enquired the hotel manager, sounding sceptical.  “Hmm – well, we’ve booked a short-break package that