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The Devil’s property portfolio

An unlikely property mogul, the Devil nevertheless boasts an extensive portfolio including a mountain, a set of cascading waterfalls, several pools and a sinkhole. Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Underworld, Beelzebub’s BFF, Old Nick; whatever you want to call him, the Devil’s one of Earth’s most long-standing property developers, only lagging a couple of

The Alentejo, Portugal

I had only previously visited the Algarve and Porto in Portugal, so a week in another region of the country (which I confess I knew nearly nothing about), courtesy of a newly-launched weekly flight from London Heathrow into Beja, in the centre of The Alentejo, was a revelation about this little-known yet vast region of

Why does the FCO advice on Egypt differ from other countries?

Noel Josephides, Managing Director of Sunvil Holidays, was invited to speak on Radio 4 at 12.30 pm today, 7th February, 2011, about the difference in travel advice on travelling to Egypt while demonstrations were underway given by the UK Government compared with that, for example, of the American and German governments. He was interviewed alongside travel writer Alison Rice.

Japanese fashion fascination

Before it ends on 6 February, try and get to London’s Barbican Art Gallery to see the exhibition Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion for a sharp insight into the big players of the 1980s, including Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto, and the pioneers of the following generation including Junya Watanabe and

What does 2011 hold for the world of travel?

Here’s what some of Travel PR’s clients think are the likely travel trends to look out for this year… Sunvil Holidays Expert: Noel Josephides, Managing Director Forecast: “We predict a return to the traditional Eurozone destinations, as accommodation and local service providers have significantly lowered their prices to compete with the likes of Egypt and Turkey, and

Richmond Lock Draw Off

As a relatively new resident to Richmond, I was much intrigued by talk of the ‘Richmond Lock Draw off’. Is it some kind of fierce battle, involving a throng of eccentric artists furiously sketching the Lock, to win some kind of coveted prize, I wondered? Most certainly not. The draw off occurs annually when the

Been stuck inside a lot lately?

We’re guessing the recently-freed Chilean miners can’t get enough fresh air right now. Here’s Travel PR’s selection of the ultimate wide-open-space holidays…ideal for anyone who’s been stuck inside a lot lately. Highlands and Islands – Wilderness Scotland Not best friends with enclosed spaces? Feel like filling your lungs with some pure air? Escape for a private

Life thru a lens

There’s nothing like an amazing picture to make you want to pack a bag and set off on your travels. The Sky News website picture gallery currently shows some of the best nature photographs of all time which really do make you want to be exactly where the pictures were taken to experience it all

London to Brighton Mini Run 2010

I don’t need a reason for a trip to Brighton but the 25th L2B (16 May) seemed like a pretty good one to me. With over 2,000 Minis taking part and entrants coming from all over the world, it is one of the biggest Mini events in the calendar, and makes for a colourful sight.