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Here are Travel PR’s predictions for the hottest destinations of 2013 – with the expert rationale behind these ideas:    North Korea (DPRK) Reasoning: Whilst beginning to slightly modify its stern image to the outside world, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – or North Korea – still retains an air of individuality and

Why does the FCO advice on Egypt differ from other countries?

Noel Josephides, Managing Director of Sunvil Holidays, was invited to speak on Radio 4 at 12.30 pm today, 7th February, 2011, about the difference in travel advice on travelling to Egypt while demonstrations were underway given by the UK Government compared with that, for example, of the American and German governments. He was interviewed alongside travel writer Alison Rice.

Tweed Run 2010

(photo courtesy Oleg Skrinda – http://skrinda.com) If you were in London’s Kensington Gardens on Saturday, you may well have been puzzled by a rather dashing group of tweed-clad cyclists sipping tea, eating cucumber sandwiches and listening to a three-piece string orchestra at the top of the hill. This curious spectacle was the mid-way tea break

A map collating 2010′s hottest destinations

I’ve collated various tips for hot travel destinations in 2010, and displayed them all, with explanatory description, in one Google Map.  Click the grab below to go through to the map itself – and enjoy!  Richard.

Hot Destinations for 2010

Here’s a vision of 2010 vogue – predictions of the hottest travel destinations in the coming year, made by our most expert clients: Brittany Reasoning: Brittany is a fantastic destination for families due to its proximity to the UK and excellent beaches. The summer season during the last two years has been slow, resulting in a

10 lesser-known travel websites

Steering clear of the TripAdvisors, Expedias and WAYNs of this world, I’ve made a list of ten great, but lesser-known travel websites.  Not that I don’t get out much during my lunchbreak… (This is not an exercise to plug our own clients this time – although many of them have stellar sites – that’s for another

Is the recession over for travel companies?

Overseas holiday bookings, like any industry, suffered at the hands of this recession – the Euro struggled and jobs were endangered, leaving little scope for a summer holiday booking.  But recent stories quote analysts as saying that Britain may already be slowly clawing its way out of the recession; that the nadir may have passed.