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Ten tempting supperclubs from around the world

London, early-2011.  Four trends explode: Dalston, pop-ups, ping pong and supperclubs.  As befits an exploding trend, they all immediately implode, and are mostly now, two years hence, officially ‘over’.  To the point where Harry Styles is partying in Dalston, pop-ups are as exciting as press releases and table-tennis bars are ten-a-penny. Suppercubs, though – supperclubs

The size of Wales

This blog first appeared on Bustling Markets, Travel PR’s Tumblog, which takes a light-hearted axe to classic travel clichés: “THE SIZE OF WALES” Example: “This vast delta is the size of Wales” Incredible, really, how many countries / places / parks / swimming pools / dust storms are the size of Wales, along with Wales itself,

Candles and carols in Södermalm

I was walking around Södermalm, Stockholm’s self-appointed boho district, when I glanced down a slim sidestreet and saw the grassy temptation of a park.  The light was hurriedly fading and I had an evening business meeting.  There wasn’t time; there definitely wasn’t time.  But, despite this, I headed for the dim greenery, the executive decision

The hail of Holkham Beach

One of Britain’s peculiarities is that, in my opinion at least, large parts of it look best in inclement weather.  Where Tuscan vales and Greek temples are indisputably at their finest under glorious sun rays, London’s narrow alleys and grey buildings take on extra mystery on cold, gloomy winter evenings.  Its pretty squares never look

In The Woods – my new favourite music festival

Maybe I’m mature and full of wisdom, or maybe I’m just grouchy and getting on a bit. Either way, the idea of a big music festival – the wonderful Glastonbury excepted – fills me with plenty of dread these days. The schlepping miles between tent and stages; the vast queues for every single food stand; the

The Banksy of…

A love of street art leads me to follow plenty of artists that your average Joe Bloggs doesn’t know about – Mark Jenkins, Stik, the Mentalgassi collective, Type.  But there’s one artist everyone truly does know about: Banksy.  He’s the Tiger Woods of art, the David Beckham of graffiti; in short, his fame has long since

Go to Sabina

“An island up a hill” – that’s how Roberto, a hotel-owner in Sabina, described the Italian region to me.  It’s a neat, pretty way of summarising why the area is so little-known, even to Italian tourists. Sabina’s in Lazio, the large province that encapsulates Rome.  It’s north of Rome, but not as far north as

Klout: we don’t care what our score is

Klout, that most renowned metric of social media influence, continues to inspire as much criticism as it does worship. For all that some treat it as gospel, there are ever more naysayers in the digital room. A recent blog by Travelblather on the subject, spurring a spree of comments, followed a worrying feature by Seth Stevenson on Wired.  He examined

Why do I want to visit Corniglia?

I have always been interested in the why of travel: why people want to visit a particular destination, and how that desire comes about. Often it comes from the media, of course, and that is where Travel PR and our rivals come in, working with the press.  But equally often, I think, there are other