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An unusual weekend trip – to Greece, to run a 90m race in an ancient stadium: The 5th Modern Nemean Games, 23 June, 2012

Would you prefer to attend the Olympics in London, with the potentially dire weather, huge crowds and transport system melt-down – plus the impossible task of obtaining tickets at a reasonable cost – or the Nemean Games in Greece in an ancient stadium dating back to 2,300 BC, bathed in the warmth of a Greek

Nafplion old town, Greece – and a shop selling Komboloi (worry beads)

In Greece, you often see men sitting over a coffee or an ouzo, fiddling with their Komboloi (worry beads). It seems an exclusively male pursuit, as I have never seen a woman even sitting in a cafe, let alone playing with worry beads – but perhaps local women sit at home and worry instead? It