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Golf returns to the Olympics

Hot off the press from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) – golf is set to join the Olympics from 2016 onwards after a 112 year absence. The big question is if the big guns in the sport will be bothered to show up, is an Olympic gold medal enough of an enticement and has it become a world game?

In light of recent incidents, just how safe is flying?

So far 2009 seems have been a particularly cruel year for aircraft accidents; already there have been 10 major incidents that involved fatalities, six in the past 10 weeks alone and a number of people have asked me, just how safe are we when we fly?

Cuba’s toilet paper shortage – visitors shouldn’t flush away trip hopes just yet

We asked Steve Diederich, Managing Director of bespoke specialists Captivating Cuba, for his thoughts on the news that Cuba is facing a severe shortage of toilet paper: “Potential Cuba visitors worried about the reported shortages in toilet paper ought not to fret.  Captivating Cuba uses only the best hotels, resorts and guesthouses, and these will be the ones

Future not so bleak for travel industry, Wanderlust/AITO survey reports

Study suggests resilient travel industry outperforming downbeat expectations.

With buzzwords like ‘credit crunch’ and ‘recession’ being thrown around in recent times, the travel industry has waited with bated breath for much of the last year, uncertain of the impact that the global economic downturn would have. In light of this, Wanderlust magazine, the UK’s leading travel magazine, and AITO teamed up to conduct a consumer and trade survey to find out what was really happening. During May 2009, over 2,000 consumers and 50 tour operators gave their views.

Analysis of the late-summer travel market

Are Britons bored of staying at home and mopping up the garden? Or do bargain prices and swine flu fears mean the great 2009 staycation’s alive and well? Ask tour operators about the late summer market, and you get vastly differing interpretations:

Fredalo holidays: six ways to be unsteady like Freddie Flintoff

Retiring English cricketing behemoth Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff will be fondly remembered for four things: slaying Australian bowlers and batsmen, staggering sportsmanship, exceptional levels of inebriation, and an accident while stoically steering that most manly of nautical vessels: the pedalo.  With the release of an advert (watch below) fondly playing on his infamous watery wobble, and

Bruce-Mitfords take Les Borjs to the top

Les Borjs de la Kasbah, a Hotel de Charme in Marrakech, and one of our clients, has been rightly recognised for its high levels of customer satisfaction and selected as the No. 1 Hotel in Africa and No. 22 in the world in the latest Expedia Insiders’ Select Survey (http://www.lesborjsdelakasbah.com/news.php).

In the wake of the deaths of two children on holiday in Corfu, is it possible to make holidays 100% safe?

Probably not, in the way that life at home can never be 100% safe, says Sue Ockwell, speaking on behalf of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO, www.aito.com). There are some sensible precautions that you can take when going on holiday, however – read on…

A Faroese Following

The Faroe Islands gained some avid fans at a balmy evening reception co-hosted by Sunvil Discovery and Atlantic Airways on Tuesday night. Held at the Danish Ambassador’s residence in Belgravia, the event set out to raise awareness of this little known, yet stunning archipelago. Cocktails on the breezy terrace, delicious canapés and beer, and traditional