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High 5: Swimming spots in Central America

During my recent trip to Central America, I was won over by the myriad delights on offer to travellers. Bustling colonial towns cry out to be explored, mountains and volcanoes stand waiting to be climbed, and street food stalls tempt greedy travellers on every corner. However, the highlights of my visit are made up mainly

Who says the Travel PR team isn’t a bunch of old softies?

As another eagerly-anticipated (?!) Valentine’s Day approaches, love has certainly been in the air at our St Margaret’s offices. So, whether you’re the type to need a reinforced letterbox for all those cards and presents this weekend – or are more likely to be found browsing microwave meals for one in Waitrose (sob) – we hope the following personal anecdotes warm the cockles of your heart. Names withheld to spare our blushes…

Are Costa Ricans the world’s happiest people?

Just announced, the Happy Planet Index for 2009 has painted a surprising picture of the relative wealth and progress of nations, with Costa Rica named as the world’s happiest country. In this second annual global ranking of well-being and environmental impact, Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world, as well as the