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High 5: Love locks around the world

A few years ago, whilst strolling over the Seine across the Passerelle-Solferino in Paris, I stumbled across hundreds of padlocks adorning the bridge, all inscribed with initials, hearts and ‘amour’.  Bemused, I (of course) had a Google to find out more and came across a simple explanation – “padlocks symbolise the unbreakable bond in love”.

Who says the Travel PR team isn’t a bunch of old softies?

As another eagerly-anticipated (?!) Valentine’s Day approaches, love has certainly been in the air at our St Margaret’s offices. So, whether you’re the type to need a reinforced letterbox for all those cards and presents this weekend – or are more likely to be found browsing microwave meals for one in Waitrose (sob) – we hope the following personal anecdotes warm the cockles of your heart. Names withheld to spare our blushes…