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Sports you won’t see at the London 2012 Olympics

An occasion harking back to ancient times, the London 2012 Olympics will feature 26 sports and a total of 302 separate events. New events are added at every Games; while fresh sports are introduced, the less fortunate (or perhaps less popular, or more arcane) are shown the door. The least successful of all have been

Cricketing calamity in Cochin

For somebody who has never watched a live cricket match, never mind played it, it was a brave step to attempt my first cricketing appearance against a crack Indian outfit at the AITO conference in Cochin, Kerala, last Friday. All the more so when I saw how fast the first few deliveries whizzed by our opening batsmen.

Fredalo holidays: six ways to be unsteady like Freddie Flintoff

Retiring English cricketing behemoth Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff will be fondly remembered for four things: slaying Australian bowlers and batsmen, staggering sportsmanship, exceptional levels of inebriation, and an accident while stoically steering that most manly of nautical vessels: the pedalo.  With the release of an advert (watch below) fondly playing on his infamous watery wobble, and