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Who’s a pretty polly?

Mark Carwardine, the wildlife presenter, amused the audience at last year’s Paul Morrison Guide of the Year Awards, run by Wanderlust magazine, at the Royal Geographical Society. He courageously sat on stage with interviewer Derek Moore (AITO’s Chairman/Founder Director of Explore) while a clip of a parrot trying to mate with his head appeared on the (very big) screen above him. The parrot had taken a fancy to Mr Carwardine while he was filming a BBC “Last Chance to See” series with Stephen Fry.

1,000 dominoes fall in Berlin, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

School children in Berlin individually designed and painted 1,000 dominoes – probably twice the size of the children themselves – and were arranged in curves and lines close to where the wall itself stood; a transient and see-through barrier to remind people that, just 20 years ago, East and West Germany were separate entities, with communism one side and capitalism the other – and, terrifyingly, death by shooting if one dared to try to cross the dividing wall

Life – holidays to match the episodes

Life, the latest nature show from the BBC and Sir David Attenborough, begins tonight in the UK, Monday 12 October at 9pm on BBC1.  The 10-part show focuses on the extreme survival methods employed by Earth’s 30 million or so animals and plants, capturing mind-blowing behaviour, strange creatures and epic spectacles in TV firsts. All of which makes

Spangles or spotlights?

As another hard-working week in the Travel PR office begins to wind down, our attention turns to the important issue of the day. Namely, the Saturday night scheduling scandal that pits BBC ballroom favourite Strictly Come Dancing against the might of ITV’s The X Factor. Who’s going to watch what? And, if you can be

What does the future hold for newspapers?

Reports that The Observer is under pressure from its owners once again brings into question the future of newspapers in an increasingly digital world. Is there a future for newspapers or will online content take over?

Is Fogle the new Palin?

The triumphant climax of On Thin Ice on Sunday (BBC 2, 9pm) cemented Ben Fogle as the nation’s favourite adventurer as he gallantly reached the South Pole after an epic month-long struggle. Throughout the compelling five-episode documentary, audiences witnessed Fogle at his most vulnerable as exhaustion and frostbite set in, but unlike his teammates Gold