Mika Bishop

Senior Account Director

[Currently on maternity leave]

Having a Japanese Mum and English Dad has meant that I have been exposed to more than one culture and travel from the day I was born. I was brought up in the UK but travelled to Japan regularly as a child and after spending two months there when I was sixteen I decided to learn more about the language and culture and went on to complete a BA Hons degree in Japanese and German at the University of Leeds some years later.

I have spent around six years living and working in various parts of Japan, the most recent stint being three years in Tokyo working for a travel PR agency representing international five star hotel groups, luxury cruise companies, tourist boards and airlines.

I have travelled extensively in south-east Asia, China and India and I love all that Asia has to offer. The deserts of Egypt under a starry sky and Rome are also favourite locations!

My next travel wish list destinations are Jordan and the northern parts of India. I have been at Travel PR since September 2008.



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