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Enjoy the Scandinavian way of life…home and away

Scandinavia came to London last weekend when The Scandinavia Show hit Earls Court (8-9 October). Why not return the favour and take a trip to Scandinavia yourself, with this selection of holiday ideas from Travel PR? Catch a show and cash in – Boutique bliss from £250 pp at the Berns Hotel, Stockholm Renowned for its colourful programme

London's Unknown Airports

(Written by Account Manager Richard Mellor, this article originally appeared on Londonist) The news that Southend is to join the ranks of London’s chief international airports took many of us by surprise.  Not so much due to the addition of another transport hub serving the capital, but rather because we had no idea that Southend

What does 2011 hold for the world of travel?

Here’s what some of Travel PR’s clients think are the likely travel trends to look out for this year… Sunvil Holidays Expert: Noel Josephides, Managing Director Forecast: “We predict a return to the traditional Eurozone destinations, as accommodation and local service providers have significantly lowered their prices to compete with the likes of Egypt and Turkey, and

Been stuck inside a lot lately?

We’re guessing the recently-freed Chilean miners can’t get enough fresh air right now. Here’s Travel PR’s selection of the ultimate wide-open-space holidays…ideal for anyone who’s been stuck inside a lot lately. Highlands and Islands – Wilderness Scotland Not best friends with enclosed spaces? Feel like filling your lungs with some pure air? Escape for a private

Travel PR’s gone World Cup crazy

As the World Cup kicks off at last, we’re aware England’s inevitable football victory will come at the expense of seven unfortunate teams. If you’d like to get to know those vanquished nations a little better, we suggest the following holidays to the homelands of England’s definite, and probable*, opponents this summer in South Africa.  COME

Need to escape after the election? You’re not the only one…

As the country braces itself for a hung parliament and our political leaders battle it out for supremacy, spare a thought for those unsuccessful MPs who now find themselves out of a job. Looking on the bright side, though, at least this means there’s time for a holiday – even if it has to be

Pancakes – how does everyone else do them?

As Pancake Day only comes around once a year you can just about be forgiven for not diverging from the typical British pancake - topped with a dash of lemon juice, sprinkled with sugar and drizzled in golden syrup.  Should you fancy mixing it up a bit this year, however, I’ve compiled some bizarre pancake ideas from around the globe: Vietnam Banh

Hot Destinations for 2010

Here’s a vision of 2010 vogue – predictions of the hottest travel destinations in the coming year, made by our most expert clients: Brittany Reasoning: Brittany is a fantastic destination for families due to its proximity to the UK and excellent beaches. The summer season during the last two years has been slow, resulting in a

Life – holidays to match the episodes

Life, the latest nature show from the BBC and Sir David Attenborough, begins tonight in the UK, Monday 12 October at 9pm on BBC1.  The 10-part show focuses on the extreme survival methods employed by Earth’s 30 million or so animals and plants, capturing mind-blowing behaviour, strange creatures and epic spectacles in TV firsts. All of which makes

Who would be YOUR dream Grandad?

In anticipation of Grandparents’ Day this Sunday (4 October), that’s the question Travel PR has taken on to the streets of south west London…with some surprising (and, OK, some unsurprising results). Interestingly, competition for the top spot was a case of sibling rivalry between the high-achieving Attenborough brothers, with Sir David Attenborough (17%) claiming the