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Get Going – Get Mobile

Rumours are flying about another ground-shaking algorithm update from the all-knowing masters at Google Towers. This time it’s all about mobile – and the accessibility to your website principally by users of smartphones, although smaller tablets might also get caught in the same net I guess. Before you panic unduly, I think the changes are

Digital is Dead

OK – as headlines go it’s not the most accurate I’ve ever written, because ‘digital’ was never a thing – living or dead – in the first place, just as ‘offline’ has never been a thing. Digital is just a way of doing lots of other things. Digital is Dead is just my ham-fisted way

Domain Authority, Links and PR

Paul Bondsfield, Digital & Marketing Director The heady world of digital communications is still a mystery to some – and even to those who have tried to keep up, the changes from the likes of Google, with its Panda, Penguin and Pigeon algorithm updates, are sometimes bewildering. How do you keep your brand near the

Travel PR’s Twitter page nears 10,000 followers – win Afternoon Tea for Two at The Goring

We’re proud to run the most popular Twitter account of any UK travel PR company, one which will soon reach the significant milestone of 10,000 followers. To celebrate, we’re offering our 10,000th follower Afternoon Tea (right) for two at The Goring, one of central London’s loveliest hotels. This is no ordinary meal – having served

Alternative uses for the Scrubba wash bag

When it comes to travel, the first rule of packing is that less is definitely more.  The key to useful travel gear, then, must be ‘multi-functionality’. With that in mind, we put our client, The Scrubba wash bag – AKA the world’s smallest washing machine – to the test, with enterprising reviewers trying to find


Here are Travel PR’s predictions for the hottest destinations of 2013 – with the expert rationale behind these ideas:    North Korea (DPRK) Reasoning: Whilst beginning to slightly modify its stern image to the outside world, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – or North Korea – still retains an air of individuality and

Travel PR presents BGTW’s Travel Writer of the Year Award to Adrian Phillips

Sue Ockwell, Julia Farish and Karen Carpenter joined the travel industry’s glitterati at the annual British Guild of Travel Writers’ Gala Dinner, held on Sunday 4 November 2012 at London’s Savoy hotel. As well enjoying dinner and a surprise performance by Matt Goss (flown in especially by event sponsors, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors’

Lingua Franca*

I have always felt incredibly lucky to be British. Not only am I proud of my country and the place which I call my home, but I have also grown up speaking the English language as my mother tongue. The second-most widely-spoken global tongue after Mandarin, English has also been the leading language of international

The unseen scenes of the Paralympics

Although I’d spent a fortnight pinned to the television during the Olympics, I still hadn’t managed to watch much of the subsequent Paralympic Games come halfway through the event. This wasn’t out of choice – in fact I had every good intention to become just as hooked on this second sporting extravaganza of the summer

I (would) do: the merits of getting married abroad

Getting married abroad in warmer climes seems to be a growing trend among British couples and, with almost-guaranteed good weather for their big day and huge savings to boot, who can blame these amorous globetrotters? The average cost of getting married in the UK sits at around the £20,000 mark, whilst the average cost of