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High 5: International office treats

Recent news has revealed that marketing and travel and tourism are the worst industries for snacking by staff. As someone who works in both, I’ve certainly tucked into more than my fair share of office treats. The tradition at Travel PR (and in past jobs) is of course to bring something tasty back from a

High 5: Regional breads

We Brits love our bread. Baking programmes reign our television channels, sandwiches rule our lunches and you only have to step foot in a restaurant and see people tucking into bread, to see its popularity. However, with bland supermarket loaves all too often the norm, it’s easy to forget about the UK’s many takes on

High 5: Puddings

1. Britain – Cambridge Burnt Cream A combination of double cream, egg yolk, sugar, vanilla seeds and caramelised sugar, it’s basically crème brûlée, but there’s a debate as to where the recipe originated – in the UK or in France. Let’s assume it’s British since the people of Cambridge claim it was invented within the

High 5: Film locations

Top five films that made me want to book a holiday: It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie, and I’m sure it inspired many a desperate housewife to follow in the lead character’s footsteps…yes, I’m talking about Shirley Valentine. While I can’t forget the sex scene on the boat (the analysis of Shirley’s stretch marks

High 5: London’s secret venues

Books like Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five and The Secret Seven spawned a personal obsession with secret passages, bookcase doors and hidden rooms. The children’s adventure series were the reason I would knock on walls in my parents’ and friends’ houses. I loved the idea that I could sneak from room to room without anyone

High 5: Love locks around the world

A few years ago, whilst strolling over the Seine across the Passerelle-Solferino in Paris, I stumbled across hundreds of padlocks adorning the bridge, all inscribed with initials, hearts and ‘amour’.  Bemused, I (of course) had a Google to find out more and came across a simple explanation – “padlocks symbolise the unbreakable bond in love”.

High 5: The best cafés in the world

I like to soak up the local café scene on my travels (and at home in London) and am terribly snobby when it comes to coffee. Here are some of my favourite cafés around the world: Café New York, Budapest There’s something rather special about sipping espresso in opulent surroundings. Set in the Boscolo Budapest

High 5: London for lazy mothers

If I have to go the Natural History Museum again this decade, I’ll cry. My ability to infect my child with enthusiasm for taxidermied animals is on the wane. Some days – of the 16 or so weeks of school holiday we have to fill each year – I just want to sit down, drink

Ten tempting supperclubs from around the world

London, early-2011.  Four trends explode: Dalston, pop-ups, ping pong and supperclubs.  As befits an exploding trend, they all immediately implode, and are mostly now, two years hence, officially ‘over’.  To the point where Harry Styles is partying in Dalston, pop-ups are as exciting as press releases and table-tennis bars are ten-a-penny. Suppercubs, though – supperclubs