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Travel PR’s gone World Cup crazy

As the World Cup kicks off at last, we’re aware England’s inevitable football victory will come at the expense of seven unfortunate teams. If you’d like to get to know those vanquished nations a little better, we suggest the following holidays to the homelands of England’s definite, and probable*, opponents this summer in South Africa.  COME

Need to escape after the election? You’re not the only one…

As the country braces itself for a hung parliament and our political leaders battle it out for supremacy, spare a thought for those unsuccessful MPs who now find themselves out of a job. Looking on the bright side, though, at least this means there’s time for a holiday – even if it has to be

Waiting for the dust to settle

As passenger chaos continues, the Travel PR team is trying to stay upbeat about the ‘Eyjafjallajoekull effect’. From a purely selfish perspective, we’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet that a break from being in the Heathrow flight path affords. And, while two of our esteemed colleagues were denied their respective holidays last weekend – one

A Spa Safari in Austria

Once the turkey’s all eaten, the mince pies demolished and even the last few unwanted Quality Streets in the tin have finally found favour (orange cream anyone?) most fit-to-bursting bodies will be crying out for a detox.

Spangles or spotlights?

As another hard-working week in the Travel PR office begins to wind down, our attention turns to the important issue of the day. Namely, the Saturday night scheduling scandal that pits BBC ballroom favourite Strictly Come Dancing against the might of ITV’s The X Factor. Who’s going to watch what? And, if you can be