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Let the beach come to you this summer

London’s South Bank will be transformed into a 1200m² sandy beach from Friday 18 June, complete with sun beds, a volleyball court and beach bar. For ten glorious days (until 27 June), the pop-up Greek Beach by the Thames promises the ultimate in urban beach experiences. Visitors can sample delicious Greek cuisine, watch masterpieces being

Summer fashion faux pas

It was only last week that Britons travelling abroad were voted the worst-dressed holidaymakers in Europe by a TripAdvisor survey so we were horrified to learn that Speedos are tipped to become an unlikely fashion hit this summer. Worryingly, searches for the skimpy swimming trunks are up 400% according to price comparison website Ciao. Here’s

London to Brighton Mini Run 2010

I don’t need a reason for a trip to Brighton but the 25th L2B (16 May) seemed like a pretty good one to me. With over 2,000 Minis taking part and entrants coming from all over the world, it is one of the biggest Mini events in the calendar, and makes for a colourful sight.

Tweed Run 2010

(photo courtesy Oleg Skrinda – If you were in London’s Kensington Gardens on Saturday, you may well have been puzzled by a rather dashing group of tweed-clad cyclists sipping tea, eating cucumber sandwiches and listening to a three-piece string orchestra at the top of the hill. This curious spectacle was the mid-way tea break

April Fool’s Day: Hilarious Hoaxes

Although April Fool’s Day is traditionally a day of trickery and pranks for friends and family, since the 1950s the media has become increasingly involved – running bogus news stories and promoting false products. These days it’s likely you’ll be surrounded by dubious news stories on line, on TV and in the papers. So watch

Flooding in Richmond forced drinkers to arrive by boat at the White Cross pub yesterday

Visitors to the White Cross pub in Richmond were left no option but to arrive by boat yesterday as the River Thames broke its banks. The cosy riverside establishment in Surrey has a special high-tide entrance in case of flooding but even this was inaccessible on foot. The much-loved pub regularly gets cut off, usually

Celebrating World Book Day – Great locations with books to match

4 March is World Book Day (, the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK and Ireland. Here’s our pick of must-read novels set in stunning destinations worldwide:

Pancakes – how does everyone else do them?

As Pancake Day only comes around once a year you can just about be forgiven for not diverging from the typical British pancake - topped with a dash of lemon juice, sprinkled with sugar and drizzled in golden syrup.  Should you fancy mixing it up a bit this year, however, I’ve compiled some bizarre pancake ideas from around the globe: Vietnam Banh

Rum bunch – successful sailors in St Lucia

Each year in December, Rodney Bay – on the lush, tropical island of St Lucia in the Caribbean - is the finishing destination for the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), a 2,700 nautical-mile passage across the Atlantic from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.  The largest transocean sailing event in the world, it usually takes between 14 and 21

Who would be YOUR dream Grandad?

In anticipation of Grandparents’ Day this Sunday (4 October), that’s the question Travel PR has taken on to the streets of south west London…with some surprising (and, OK, some unsurprising results). Interestingly, competition for the top spot was a case of sibling rivalry between the high-achieving Attenborough brothers, with Sir David Attenborough (17%) claiming the