Monthly Archives: September 2009

Who would be YOUR dream Grandad?

In anticipation of Grandparents’ Day this Sunday (4 October), that’s the question Travel PR has taken on to the streets of south west London…with some surprising (and, OK, some unsurprising results). Interestingly, competition for the top spot was a case of sibling rivalry between the high-achieving Attenborough brothers, with Sir David Attenborough (17%) claiming the

Art you can eat

Parisian artists Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle have imaginatively transformed food into a variety of landscapes in their mesmerising minimiam collection. The photographers have devoted hundreds of hours into tricking onlookers with tiny painted figures and props to make their scrumptious settings seem real at a glance. Feast on the masterpieces in Biarritz, France, from

Spangles or spotlights?

As another hard-working week in the Travel PR office begins to wind down, our attention turns to the important issue of the day. Namely, the Saturday night scheduling scandal that pits BBC ballroom favourite Strictly Come Dancing against the might of ITV’s The X Factor. Who’s going to watch what? And, if you can be

Unusual culture shock

It has somehow become an regular occurrence in my life that at any party where there is at least one adult, I will always be asked: “So… what are you up to at the moment?”.  In response, I provide my much-rehearsed reply of “Well, I’m studying Spanish at Bristol University”.  Cue a follow-up question: “Oh really – why Spanish?”.  Now, to this I could

Dunk if you dare!

As news reports reach us that the iconic custard cream is ‘Britain’s most dangerous biscuit’, conspicuous consumers Travel PR have enjoyed a heated debate on our favourite dunkable delights. Current top five favourites, in no particular order, are: • Maryland Cookies – currently ‘buy one, get one free’ in our local Tesco. Yum! • Pink

Bahrain, the forgotten destination of the Middle East?

Despite Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman being all the rage in the Middle East, we recently decamped for the second year in succession to Bahrain for our summer holiday. This tiny island is about half the size of Surrey and a lot hotter but without the choking traffic of other similar destinations but why choose

Loving London

Living in Godalming in Surrey means that I can hop on a train and be at Waterloo in 40 minutes and on the Southbank in 45. I love the countryside V urban scenic contrast – green fields are replaced by grey concrete, wattle and daub pubs by cool glass and steel terrace bars, and instead of horse drawn canal boat trips for the tourists there are massive city cruisers on the respective Wey and Thames rivers.