• We're young, dynamic, switched on and plugged in to what's happening in the world of media - both online and offline - and our achievements speak for themselves.
  • At Travel PR, we punch above our weight – we work hard to ensure our clients win.
  • When a serious crisis affects your business, you want someone who has real-world experience of handling one, not just someone who’s read all the books.
  • An intelligent team of well travelled professionals – including sticklers for detail, gifted writers and social media whizzkids.
  • PR without the fluff, journalist responses without the fuss and ideas and strategy without the spiel – that’s what makes Travel PR tick.
  • Travel PR is a friendly team of people. We’re quick-thinking, social-media savvy and passionate about travel.
  • Brimming with creative ideas; a talented bunch of travel aficionados who value their clients and are cool in a crisis.
  • Travel PR is to travel public relations what Monopoly is to board games: established and legendary, but always innovative and evolving.

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Travel PR’s latest blog: Double High 5: Unexpected highlights of a trip to Colombia

High 5: Unexpected highlights of a trip to Colombia
We enjoyed ‎superb food and wines wherever we were in Colombia, of a surprising (to me) sophistication. Gin and tonic was served generously – your own bottle of Gordon’s on the table, with plenty of tonics and a bucket of ice – which certainly got sundowners off to a good start...